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KellyOCG - Talent Supply Chain Consultant (TSCC).
During my time working at KellyOCG, my responsibilities included the following...

• End to end management of the recruitment program for a variety of positions across Poland, Germany, Norway and UK

• Consultative approach used when discussing roles with hiring managers in-country. Collect local market knowledge from suppliers.

• Plan and schedule both intake and briefing calls with hiring managers and suppliers, to facilitate a clearer understanding of the manager’s sourcing requirements for all requisitions

• Host regular ‘touch base’ calls with both managers and suppliers during and after the recruitment process has completed

• Monitoring continued suitability of the successful applicant in post, through their 30 day evaluation, providing feedback to their Supplier

• Requisition creation / progression / tracking through to selection. Work order creation within the VMS Tool (SAP Fieldglass)

• Review, shortlist, and schedule interviews for the hiring managers

• Monitor and negotiate rates with suppliers to ensure they are aligned with the latest market rate analysis

• Adopts a professional approach to managing the workload, detail oriented, multitasking and maintaining open channels of communication with all parties whilst knowing when to prioritise urgent cases over lower priority activities (e.g. time sheet approvals before cut-off etc.)

• Act as a liaison for Suppliers, facilitating the smooth resolution of daily operational issues, escalating when and where appropriate

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IBM UK LTD (return to homepage)
IBM Global Financing, Global Asset Recovery Services (GARS) / IBM Pre-Owned.
During my time working in IBM's GARS Europe (HQ) Operation, I managed a number of areas within the business;

GARS Europe Broker Coordinator - I was the sole EMEA geographical focal point and SME for the European 'Used Equipment Broker Sales' process and the 'Broker Approval' process. As such, I was responsible for managing all IT Broker applicants wanting to purchase IT equipment from IBM GARS across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The approval process involved a number of in-depth company checks to ensure the applicant brokerage was a legitimate going concern, prior to transactional engagement, to protect IBM's reputation by association.

Access Control - As part of my Broker related responsibilities, I managed access to IBM's Trading platform for European Brokers as part of my continued business need (CBN) controls. Once approved, a Broker would be given access to equipment available for purchase across Europe.

• Process Management - I managed the GARS Europe, Document Library. A database for storing all of the processes and procedures used to run the European operation. In partnership with document owners, I initiated and tracked the progress of document updates, whether ad-hoc or part of a mandatory annual review. Once published I'd finally communicate the updates to the teams across Europe to ensure they were always working from up to date processes and procedures. I also ran regular CBN reporting to ensure access was limited to those requiring it.

Compliance Tester - Following the Enron, WorldCom and other financial scandals of 2001/2, Sarbanes-Oxley (Sarbox or SOX) Compliance Testing was introduced. A US law requiring all public corporations to comply with a number of new financial reporting requirements. Within GARS Europe, I was one of a handful of Certified Compliance Testers responsible for the testing and reporting of non-compliances across multiple processes used within the Organisation. My testing results were reported to GARS Europe Management and Global GARS HQ. Testing was aimed at maintaining a strong, controls and audit readiness posture, via process reviews, team re-education (where necessary) and regular training. Focused testing resulted in numerous "SAT" audit results.

Inventory Pricing - Using market intelligence, an understanding of the relationship between inventory stock volumes and external market demand/availability, I regularly managed the inventory pricing updates for the sales teams, maximising sales opportunities and maintaining a competitive edge for the organisation.

MI Reporting - In order to keep Europe Management abreast of all the activities I was responsible for or had visibility of, I would create and present monthly dashboard reporting of KPIs, walking the management team through the issues highlighted and resolved within the month as well as open issues yet to be closed. I would also report directly into Global Management as part of the SOX Compliance suite of tests.

MS Office - I'm fully conversant with the MS Office suite, regularly using applications within the suite to execute all aspects of my role. Including Microsoft Access, having created a database to manage one of the processes I was responsible for. In addition to the suite, I am also a confident user of Microsoft Visio, used to develop and update process flow diagrams and organisation charts for the European operation.

Learn more about IBM's IGF GARS here.
UKAS is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. It is independent of Government and operates under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government through the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. UKAS was appointed as the National Accreditation Body by the Accreditation Regulations 2009 (SI No 3155/2009) and the EU Regulation (EC) 765/2008.

As a Liaison Officer for three busy Assessment Managers responsible for reviewing the policies and procedures of Global Clients seeking their Accreditation or Certification in a variety of disciplines...

Organise all aspects of Clients' visits (travel, accommodation and scheduling), managing the calendars for each Assessment Manager.

Serve as the Client's first point of contact for queries and questions.

Manage each Client's case file and annual review.

Manage the distribution of documentation between Assessor and Client; tracking each Client's progress whilst working towards their Accreditation / Certification(s). This includes;

* Welcome packs for new applicants.
* Annual review notifications for existing Clients.
* Corrective actions to be addressed following an Assessment or renewal visit.
* Confirmation (with certificate) of Accreditation / Certification at the end of the process.

Working closely with each Assessment Manager, I was integral to the process, managing all of the administrative duties, enabling each Assessment Manager to focus on the Client Assessments. Highlighting areas of concern, how best to address issues highlighted and a route back to compliance to stanards.

Learn more about UKAS here.
Nationwide Building Society (return to homepage)
As the Liaison to Customers interested in purchasing Commercial property some of my duties required me to ensure the following list of activities were managed on a timely basis...

Provide full administration support to two Commercial Property Lending Managers, responsible for securing loans between £50K ~ £10 Million in value.

Prepare documentation to instruct and engage Surveyors / Solicitors during the process of reviewing a property purchase application for mortgage services.

Calculate, produce and issue Redemption Statements to Customers wanting to pay off / close their mortgage account(s).

• Request and analyse each Customer's credit file prior to issuing a Mortgage Offer, enuring the Customer's credit worthiness, protecting the Society's commercial interests.

• Provide telephone and e-mail support to both internal and external Stakeholders.

Learn more about Nationwide Building Society here.
Barclays Bank Plc (return to homepage)
During the time I spent at Barclays Bank (4+ years), I covered a number of roles within the Branch network. Starting in the back office progressing to Personal Banker.

Responsible for processing In and Outbound payments: domestic, international, business and personal.

Face to face Counter Service.

Branch Cash Management, First Cashier (supervisory role managing the counter operations).

Personal Banker providing 'needs related selling' of personal customer products e.g. current accounts, savings accounts, loans, debit/credit card facilities, insurance (home, motor and travel), Invenstment and Mortgage referrals.

Fostered relationships with local businesses to promote Barclays’ services over competitor offerings.

Managed inbound Customer account migration from other financial institutions.

Learn more about Barclays here.

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