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Africans in Ukraine / Black Foreigners In Ukraine
In late February, early March 2022, a group of volunteers came together after a series of Twitter Spaces were held to discuss the plight of African Students caught up in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Twitter Spaces initially ran for more than 24hrs, with 800+ listeners engaging in the discussion. Initially, the focus centred on raising awareness and highlighting the lack of Government action - by some African Nations - to evacuate their citizens from Ukraine.

By using our individual social media networks and connection, our goal was to push African Governments to do more to help those in need on the ground.

Very quickly, footage emerged from people on the ground, showing numerous accounts of Black and Brown people being refused (and in some cases physically removed) from trains travelling to the border with Poland. One of few safe-passage routes out of Ukraine.

It became clear, Government inaction required us (the volunteers) to step up and act, in whatever way we could. We quickly established the Twitter hashtag:


before coalescing under the banner of:

#BlackForeignersInUkraine (#BFU)

A collective, focused on helping all Black and Brown people escape Ukraine, into neighbouring safe EU countries.
Our Objectives:
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Social Media:
Photography has always been my passion. Over recent years, I haven't had quite as many opportunities to partake in it as I would have liked. That said, I do have a portfolio of images, I'm proud of, and receive positive feedback for when viewed. Whenever possible, I'm always looking for opportunities to add to the portfolio.

My friend's Organ Donation campaigning (see below), has allowed me to do more. Many of the photos used within her campaign were taken by me. You can learn more about the campaign and see photographic examples below.

In August 2020, I decided to create an online store to show off and possibly sell some of my images, printed on everyday products (mugs, clocks, t-shirts etc.) some of which can be viewed in the Gallery and the background of the 'Photography' section, on the homepage.

October 2018, a close friend informed me of her -then- recent renal failure diagnosis. Over the course of the following days and weeks, I set her up to be able to tell her story online via Twitter and creates a personal Blog, to:

a) raise Organ Donation awareness,
b) chart her personal journey,
c) highlight her challenges and experiences,
d) ultimately, find a compatible kidney donor

Within the first 12 months, thanks in part to my networking efforts and with the help of some great organisations like ACLT, my friend's story was shared via Radio, News Online and on TV - twice. At the last count, the Twitter account had more than 700 followers and is still growing!

You can read the Blog I helped her write HERE
You can also visit the Twitter account I run on her behalf HERE
Photographs I took on 17th January 2008 were used by Sky News both online and on TV, to cover the story of British Airways flight BA038 on the day it crash-landed short of runway 27L at London Heathrow Airport (LHR). The images were used to determine possible causes in the early stages of the investigation.

The evening news broadcast can be seen here...

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