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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Tristram and I also go by the name TLB CanvasArt.

My passions include photography, art, music, world cinema (and other), food, travel, sport and technology - not necessarily in that order though.

I created this website primarily to show the world my photography and to allow people to connect with me through social media or directly, via the Contact Me page.
I'm a social, personable being, I enjoy the company of positive, like minded people. I also enjoy learning about nature, the cultures of our world and new developments in technology.

If you see something you like within these pages or would like to discuss the possibility of working with me, I invite you to get in touch. I'm more than open to working with people.
Claim To Fame - The Weakest Link (2001)
Back in 2001 I applied, and was successfully chosen to be a contestant on the BBC's "The Weakest Link" game show hosted by Anne Robinson.
My objective - not to be the weakest link. It wasn't exactly my finest hour, though it was an experience I'm glad to have had, and be able to look back and smile. At the very least I now have a greater appreciation for the pressure that comes with a ticking count down clock, hot studio lights, general knowledge questions and of course Anne Robinson stood across from you. Playing the game is so much easier sat at home on the sofa. If you'd like to see the video, click HERE (pop-up window).

Hope you enjoy what you see in these pages, and look forward to connecting with you at some point online or in person.

Alternatively, check out my Blog, regularly updated with thoughts, images and things I come across...

My Blog

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