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Ever since I can remember, I've had a passion for photography. Over the years I've built up a collection of images I'm proud to call my own. Some of which have been enlarged to canvas and sold via different Marketplaces. I don't focus on any particular photographic subject or theme when out with my camera. Instead, I focus on the emotional connection I have with what I see through the viewfinder. Check out my Published images and some of the images in my Gallery.

I love all sorts of music, and have a CD Collection to prove it! Yes, I'm of the CD generation. These days it's all about mp3 and streaming audio / video. I'm currently going through the 'pain' of ripping all of my media, to be able to stream it locally to all my devices. I should be done by 2020!!!
I'm fortunate to have been able to travel far and wide over the years, I still have many places left to visit. I'm yet to venture East of Estonia, though some day soon I hope to change that. I want to see and soak up the many cultures the East has to offer.

Growing up, I was always involved with sports in one way shape or form. That hasn't stopped in adulthood. Though the day job tries to get in the way. I currently play 5-a-side football on a weekly basis with a group of guys. We've been playing for approximately 15 years now. Badminton, another sport I play when possible, mostly singles but on occasion doubles. Tenpin Bowling, another sport I used to play regularly, but now only occasionally.

Computers / I.T.
Having worked in the I.T. industry for close to 15 years, there must be something about it I enjoy!? Technology never fails to captivate the imagination, what it allows us to do each day. We bear witness to the unrelenting developments on show each month, with no sign of it's pace slowing, the future promises to be an exciting place.

Event Planning
Socially, I'm lucky to belong to a great group of friends. However, concerned with the fact we all lead busy lives and aren't able to meet up quite as often as we would like. I decided to create a private Facebook Group back in early 2014, geared towards selecting, planning and arranging events for us all to get involved with. Much like a Meetup group, but for private members. Some of the activities we've looked at doing: Curry Night, Karaoke, BFI IMAX Movie plus meal on the Southbank. I like bringing people together. Making it happen, stepping back, to watch everyone have fun.

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